October 2001 Opening of the company and purchase the first system 3D laser

2003 purchase of the second  3D laser system

2004 moved the company to a greater productive unit

2005 purchase of the third, 2D/3D laser ( hybrid )

2006 purchase 250 ton press. beginning of molding ( press) activities

2007 purchase of the land for the construction of its own production site

2008 August settlement in the new plant, 500 m2 of office space, 2000 m2 of production area,     2500 m2  uncovered area

2009 start of bending activities with the purchase of a 80-ton press brake. 7-axis and purchase first 2D laser system

2010 – 2011 major investments in management software and CAD-CAM and related staff training

2012 -2014 Star up  of prototyping job, setting up of the following departments:

– design – mold construction (assembly and maintenance)

– Quality Control Department

– Beating department

– Quality certification ISO 9001

2015 – 2017 opening of the second production unit of 1000 m2, adjacent to the existing one

– Purchase New 3D Laser purchase fiber

– Purchase new 2D laser fiber with linear motors

– Purchase welding robot cell

– Purchase robotized bending cell

– Purchase load – un load automatic system for 2D laser machine

– purchase 600 ton CNC press.

– Start up of branch office in England.